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Host A Set

Lending in your own neighbourhood

If you would like to host a set in your neighborhood please use the steps below as a guide:
  1. Solicit plate, bowls, cups, and cutlery from neighborhood parent groups. (The idea is to save from landfill, not add more to it).
  2. When you have close to a set of 10 or 20 to lend, let us know. As donations come in, we can help fill in sets. 
  3. Take a picture and send us details on how borrowers can pick it up including address and phone number. (This will only go out in the confirmation email and the site listing will only have your intersection). 
  4. We will set up a booking calendar for your set and add it to the site. Booking notifications will be sent to your email directly so you can manage the requests. 

Ready to host a set?

If you have a set that is ready to host please fill in the form below and we can add it to the site. If you have days of the week or times you will definitely not be available for pick-up, please list them in the comments field of the form.

Please contact for questions or if you have any trouble with the form.